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Backflow Incense

Backflow incense are a great way to add a unique, and somewhat mysterious, touch to a party. They look like ordinary incense, but with a few twists. The first is that the cones  have a hole in the middle of themselves. The second is that the incense burners in a round shape rather than a straight line.

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Customer Reviews

Kira N
Kira N
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Really cool effect. I needed a new incense burner that was a little more compact and the cones are perfect. The downflow of the smoke adds a very serene and elegant touch to the room and the cones that come with it actually smell really nice
Grover M.
Grover M.
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I love this gift! It works perfectly and as described, It’s the perfect novelty gift for my wife. I love the colors ~
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18 days to arrive! Very good!, I like the incense and the smell of these I loved, super father and pretty, well for the price, I chose it to appreciate the smoke as any air would stop looking
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