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How To Burn Incense

How To Burn Incense Without A Holder?-4 Easy Ways

Humans have been burning incense for thousands of years. It is made out of plant-based components that often include various barks, seeds, flowers, and resins. Once burnt, the aromatic material gives off unique fragrant scents. Traditionally, incense is burned during religious rituals or special ceremonies to enhance spirituality. Today, many people burn incense as an everyday activity. Some use incense for relaxation, while others just like to appreciate their favourite aromas. But everyone need to know how to burn incense safely firstly. 

It is important to realize that incense is a fire hazard and can be dangerous when not handled properly. Therefore, we normally recommend burning incense in an incense holder or burner. However, this is not always possible because some people may not have access to a holder. We will discuss how to burn incense safely without a holder below.

When burning incense, you need to be mindful of the hot ashes produced during the process. They are the primary sources of danger that can lead to fires and burns. As a result, incense should be burned in a fire-resistant container that can safely store hot ashes. The container must be large enough to collect all the ashes produced from burning incense. It should be stable and sturdy enough so that it does not easily tip over and spill out any ashes.

Note that there are three different types of incense on the market, including stick incenses, coil incenses, and cone incenses. They come in different shapes and sizes, so make sure to choose your container based on the specific type of incense you intend to burn. Here are a couple of examples:

How To Burn Incense Without A Holder?-4 Easy Ways

A soda can: A beverage can may be able to accommodate sticks and cones but probably not coils. Remember to discard any remaining liquids in the can before burning any incense. It is also a good idea to rinse and clean the container thoroughly to eliminate any chemical residue that may affect incense aromas.

You can fit the stick or cone into the tab on the soda can to keep it in place. Ashes will collect inside the can and may be discarded afterwards by pouring them out. However, soda cans are very light and tend to get knocked over easily. Fill up the can with sand or other inert material that is heavier and fire-resistant to minimize the risk of accidents.

A household vase or plant pot: Sticks and cones can easily fit into any type of vase or pot. Coils will only fit into vases and pots with wide openings. Make sure the vase is fire resistant before inserting any incense. As mentioned previously, it is a good idea to fill the container with sand to prevent it from tipping over.

A sink: Household sinks are normally large enough to fit sticks, cones, or coils. They are typically made out of fireproof materials such as ceramic, stone, or metal. Note that even though most sinks are fire-resistant, incense may still permanently scorch the surface. To prevent this from happening, you can suspend the incense over the sink instead of directly placing it inside the sink. Another option is inserting the incense into one of the small holes of the sink’s drain.

This can only be possible if your sink has small drain holes though. Just be careful not to let the incense slip through and drop into the drain. The largest advantage with sinks is that hot ashes can be cooled and directly washed down the drain. There is no messy cleanup process. Just flush down the ashes and rinse the sink afterwards.

Holding incense: It is possible to burn incense by holding it in your hands. This is required in some religious rituals or meditation routines. Always be very careful when doing so. Ashes can fall onto your fingers and cause serious burns.

Here are some other tips about How to burn incense without a holder:

· Always place whatever container you are using to burn incense on a stable, fire-resistant surface.

· Keep any flammable objects away from burning incense.

· Never leave burning incense unattended.

· Before handling any ashes, allow 5 minutes of cooling to prevent burns.

· While burning incense, ensure the area is well ventilated

· Keep burning incense away from children and pets

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