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how to use incense cones

How To Proper Use of Backflow Incense Cones

Incense has been around since ancient times. They are typically made up of aromatic material that gives off a fragrant scent when being burnt. Today we will share how to use incense cones here.

The words incense cones are derived from the Latin word to burn.Most materials are plant-based, often including a variety of resins, barks, seeds, and flowers. They were originally used in religious rituals, but now people around the world have been burning incenses for relaxation, meditation or to counteract disagreeable odours. There are several types of incenses on the market, including stick incenses, coil incenses and cone incenses. 

What Are Backflow Incense Cones?


Normally, when a stick incense is burned, the smoke travels upwards. A backflow incense cone, however, directs smoke downwards through a small, hollow tunnel through the center, allowing the plume to escape from the hole at the bottom. When a stick incense is lit up, even though incense plume contains small particles from the burning material, smoke still rises because hot air is lighter than the surrounding air. Smoke produced from a backflow incense cone is forced into the central tunnel and is gradually cooled during its travel; therefore, the incense smoke remains heavier than room-temperature air and continues to gently flow downwards like fog or water.

The downward flow of incense plume creates mesmerizing scenery that is unique to backflow incense cones when lit in a burner. There are special incense burners designed to look like a pot pouring hot tea, a dragon breathing smoke, a castle shrouded in mysterious fog, or a cascading waterfall surrounded by light mist.

Another advantage of this type of incense is that it leaves behind ashes in a nice and tidy pile whereas a stick incense tends to drop ashes all around it. 

How to Use Incense Cones with The Right Way?


It is very important to light incense in a safe way to minimize the risk of fires. Follow the steps below:

1,Hold the cone in one hand and light the pointy end using a match or lighter with your other hand. Be careful not to burn yourself. Make sure that the incense cone comes into full contact with the burning flame. Wait until the cone ignites with a small flame. It may be slightly more difficult to maintain the flame of the cone compared to a stick. If the flame dissipates quickly, repeat the process again.

2,Once the cone starts burning, wait about 4 to 8 seconds before gently blowing out the flame. You should see glowing ember at the tip of the cone as well as smoke exiting the hole on the bottom. This means that the backflow incense cone has been lit up properly. If you are unsure whether it is working, wait and watch for a minute or so. If there is no ember nor any smoke, you should repeat the steps above again.

3,Place the burning cone into a backflow incense burner. Ensure that the hole at the bottom of the cone aligns with the hole in the burner. If they are not aligned properly, there will be no smoke coming out of the burner.

How to Correctly Put Out A Backflow Incense Cone?

Normally, incenses extinguish themselves once they finish burning. You can also manually put out a burning backflow incense cones by immersing the burner in water. However, once you do this, the cone cannot be reused again. You will have to throw away the remnants and use a new one next time.

Other Tips On The Safety of Burning Backflow Incense Cones


As mentioned previously, incense is a natural fire hazard. Therefore, it is always a good idea to take precautions when burning incenses.

1,Discard backflow incense cone ash safely. Incense ash may be very hot right after the cone finishes burning. You should first wait for about five minutes before handling incense ash so that it cools down sufficiently. Move a trash can or plastic bag to the incense burner instead of trying to pick up the burner. This minimizes the risk of you accidentally burning yourself or spilling ash on the ground. Pick up the small metal tray within the burner that contains the incense cone. Gently tip the contents on the tray into the trash.

2, Ensure that your incense burner is placed on a flat, heat-resistant surface

3, Keep flammable items, such as fabric curtains or paper books, away from the burner

4,Keep burning incense out of reach of young children and pets

5,Always take special care when handling any parts of incense or the burner to prevent serious burns

6,Never leave burning incense unattended

7,Allow fresh air into the room while burning incense

What Are The Benefits of Burning Incense?

Traditionally, incense is used in ceremonies and rituals around the world. Many people burn incense during special events, to honour ancestors or as a religious practice.

Today, more and more people are burning incense as a normal everyday activity. They tend to find watching and smelling burning incense relaxing and calming. As a result, lots of people choose to burn incense during meditation, practicing yoga, drinking tea, or reading books. Some people use incense as a common home fragrance. When not in use, incense burners are also elegant accent pieces that enhance the aesthetics of your home decor.

Recent literature has suggested that burning incense may have mild antidepressant properties. Researchers found that frankincense, an aromatic resin, exerted anti-inflammatory effects in mice and stimulated receptors associated with the feeling of warmth. However, scientists also noted that incense smoke can be harmful to patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Overall, burning backflow incense cones not only produce appealing fragrances but also create stunning visuals. Although they are traditionally used in ceremonies, incense cones are now also commonly used for relaxation in common households. It is very important to always burn incense safely and avoid incense smoke if you have respiratory conditions. Currently now ,you shoud know exactly how to use incense cones with correct way.

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