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How to Light Incense Cones Safely

How to Light Incense Cones Safely ?

Do you like yoga or meditation? Even if you don’t do yoga or meditation, it might be a good idea to have incense cones. If you want to make your room exude fragrance, then the incense cone is perfect for you! It is a combination of essential oils and powders to provide the aroma you really want.

Incense cones with holes below are also called reflux incense cones, which are mainly used in backflow incense burners. However, some people have some questions about how to ignite the incense cone, because burning will generate a lot of heat and keep the incense cone from tilting. It is very important to understand the correct steps on how to light incense cones to ensure safety.

Do not worry for it. We will teach you step by step how to light, use, and put out incense cones in this article.

 How To Light Incense Cones with 6 Steps.

1,Use a heat proof container.

Look for a heat-resistant container, such as a ceramic bowl or ashtray. This is because the incense cone generates a lot of heat, so it is important to start working with safe materials. Put 1cm thick sand on the bottom of your container and spread it to dissipate heat.

Remember to make sure to keep the container away from flammable materials (such as paper or curtains).

2, Upwards the cone

First, set up the heat-resistant container of your choice and make sure that the point is facing upwards. In addition, because there is sand at the bottom, please use sand to evenly place the bottom of the cone to prevent the cone from falling.

3,Light the tip of the cone

Using a match or lighter, carefully light the conical tip, then slowly light the top until you can slowly remove the match or lighter from the cone. To be safe, you can light the candle first, and then use it to light the tip of the cone. Remember, the flame can only appear for 5 to 10 seconds, after which you don’t need to ignite it again.

4,Wait for an orange glow.

After about 5 to 10 seconds, the flame will disappear, and the cone-shaped tip emits an orange light, which means that the incense has been lit. If the orange halo dims after the light disappears, it is best to light it up again until it reaches the orange halo.

5, Completely extinguish the flame.

You must ensure that the flame is completely extinguished to avoid dangerous situations. What you can do is to blow some air into the top of the cone and make sure to retain the orange glow and no additional flames

When the flame was completely extinguished, the orange light began to emit a fragrant smell.

6,Enjoyment the moment

Finally, you can now enjoy the incense burner for about 10-20 minutes.

After completing all the important steps, the incense cone will start to work, emitting a pungent aroma in your room. Now you can enjoy about 10-20 minutes while doing yoga, meditation or just want to make your room smell amazing.

If it emits a lot of smoke, don’t panic, this is normal. You will feel that you are surrounded in the incense waterfall circumstances.


Incense cones are the most suitable aromatherapy for meditation. Although you can also use them as insect repellent. Please remember some tips to ensure that the incense cone is released after use. The method is to simply place the tip of the incense cone on the sand below it and store it in a dry place and away from direct sunlight before using the incense cone. 

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