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How To Use an Incense Burner

How To Use an Incense Burner in 2022?

Incense is an organic substance with a fragrant taste. When it burns, it emits dense smoke. The term incense refers to the object itself, not the aroma it produces. Incense is usually used in medical treatment, meditation and rituals. Today we will talke how to use an incense burner properly here.

Properly flowing incense emits a pleasant smell in a certain area. The charming smell will make you fall asleep faster or improve your mood, making you more pleasant. In addition to the charming fragrance, it can also help complete your meditation or be a decorative presence in the bedroom.

Incense is divided into two kinds, one is the incense that can burn directly, and the other is the incense that burns indirectly.

For the incense that burns directly, the incense is burned by directly inserting the incense into a heating place or a hot metal plate in a container or incense burner.

For incense that burns directly, ignite the tip or end of the incense with a flame or other heat source until the incense begins to turn into ashes at the burning end. Then spread or blow the flame on the incense so that the incense has no flame but can continue to burn.

Indirect burning incense is also called “non-combustible incense”, it is a combination of aromatic components, these components do not seem to be prepared in any specific way, because it is largely unsuitable for direct burning. The use of this type of incense requires a separate supply of heat because it usually does not ignite. This fragrance changes with the feel of the fabric during its burning. The finer ingredients tend to burn faster, while coarse grinding or whole pieces may also need to be consumed bit by bit because they require less total expansion.

Incense burners exist because of incense. It is made of wood, metal or ceramic sheet, bent and punched at one end to hold the incense. They are used to capture the ashes of burning incense cones. Now the more popular incense burner is the backflow incense burner, which can not only achieve the purpose of traditional aromatherapy, but it will also be very beautiful when placed in the room or living room. Because its smoke flows backwards. Backflow incense burners need to be used in conjunction with backflow incense.

Working Principle of How To Use an Incense Burner:

After burning, the incense itself will form fine particles. When they are gathered together, their mass is heavier than air, so they will naturally sink. The back-flow incense itself is a special tower incense, and the back-flow incense burner has a small hole or a slot aligned with the small hole of the tower incense. 

After placing the incense burners, light the backflow incense cones, do not immediately extinguish the flame, let the flame burn for 4-6 seconds, and see that the combustion is relatively full, the fan extinguishing seedlings are placed in the backflow incense burner. Initially there will be no cigarettes flowing from the bottom, about a minute or two Later, the cigarette changes its direction, and the smoke heavier than air will naturally flow down along the pores of the tower incense itself. Slowly flowing out from below, and then forming a landscape along the loop of the backflow incense burner.

Through above the knowledge about the incense and principle of back flow incense burner ,you should know ” How To Use an Incense Burner ” clearly.

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