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How To Use Waterfall Incense Burner

How To Use Waterfall Incense Burner– The Easy Way

Have you recently purchased a waterfall incense burner and looking forward to an easy guide on how to make it function properly? Well, that’s completely okay! Incense burners are absolutely the perfect way to make your space feel refreshed anytime. Yet, they come in quite various styles and forms that may sometimes cause a little confusion on how to use them. 

To help you guys with the quick and easy procedure, this article is about how to use waterfall incense burner. So, if you’re ready to get that magical gadget that works for you, just as shown in the advertisements, then keep reading this blog until the end. 

What Is Waterfall Incense Burner?

Well, many of you might not be familiar with the term or might not have used the waterfall incense burner before. Therefore, let’s just begin with what the product looks exactly like. 

This incense waterfall ceramic burner comes with a backflow design that gives you beautiful water-fall inspired defused aromatic smoke. These waterfall steps are created, so that smoke from the incense cones flows in a way forming a waterfall look. You would not only enjoy the aromatic smell, but it will look amazing with your interior. 

Moreover, you can also gift this to your loved ones as it claims to produce a calm environment that ultimately helps in the fresh air, no additional smoke like other burners, and keeps the space fresh and pleasant. 

It comes with ten amazing fragrances to choose from. You can pick the favorite ones that can help you unwind and relax once you get back home after a hectic schedule. Additionally, when it comes to the design and quality, we would say; it is damn good. These burners are artistically molded with ceramic and water mixture into their unique shape. After then, hand painted to get the perfect blend of colors to get the most attractive looking piece every time. 

As we mentioned, these burners come with fragrant incense cones with holes in the bottom. You have to set the cone in a place that it sets on the base of the burner to get those wonderful-looking waterfall-styled cloud smoke. 

Purpose Of Using:

















Incense burners are one of the most exceptional and magical creations on earth. It offers various benefits that could help you keep your space fresh but also aids in relaxing your mind and body. Here are some of the reasons or benefits of using the incense burner. 

· Various fragrances can help you calm your mind and body after a rough day. Cedarwood and sandals are generally considered best for relaxation in aromatherapy. 

· Some of your favorite aromas play a great role in your productivity. They stimulate your ideas, enhance self-love and help you focus on your work. According to aromatherapy, you can use citrus scents, lemongrass, or others. However, any of your favorite fragrances would also work. 

· If you’re dealing with insomnia, an incense burner will help you. Though our digital lives are tough, they are imparting a bad influence on our sleep cycle. You can use a lavender incense burner while sleeping, aiding in peaceful sleep and gradually improving your insomnia. 

Step Wise Guide On How To Use Waterfall Burner: 

If you’ve never used an incense burner before, this guide will help you. This step-wise guide is designed for how to use waterfall incense burner, yet most of them are used in identical ways with a slight difference. So, let’s have a look at each step. 

Step # 1: Ideal Place For The Burner

For the first step, selecting the ideal place for your burner is essential. The waterfall smoke is formed by diffused smoke, so it would immediately fades in the presence of air. Once you’ve selected the place, don’t forget the flat surface to avoid mishandling while the burner is burning. 

Step # 2: Light Up The Cone:

For the second step, light up the incense cone. You can simply hold the cone with tweezers or something similar, then light it up with the matchstick or lighter according to your convenience. Make sure to put the cone near the flame for 5-10 seconds or until you see the flame on the cone. 

Blow it once it catches the flame, and you’ll see its sudden burst of incense smoke. Remember, light the cone again if you don’t see enough smoke. 

Step # 3: Place The Cone To The Burner:

After you successfully burn the cone, it’s time to place it on the burner and see the whole magical waterfall appearing in seconds. So, there’s no special information on how to place the one on the burner. According to the product, you may find a hole in your burner; the placements could be different. 

Hold the cone with the tweezer and vertically insert it in the hole so that it touches the base of the burner. Viola! You’re done, just wait for a few seconds and admire the beautiful smokey waterfall diffusing from the backflow design of your ceramic waterfall incense burner. 

Safety Measures While Using The Product:

· Ensure to select the stable surface while placing your burner. 

· Keep them out of reach from children and pets. 

· Avoid placing the incense burner in an airy room to get the best results.

· Put the burner at a safe distance from any fabric or curtain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use any cone for my backflow burner? 

Well, in general, any circular cone can work. However, we advise our readers to get the backflow incense cones from the same buyers who sell backflow burners

Are these cones reusable?

Yes, only if they aren’t completely burnt. If you want to know more details about the backflow incense cones, pls check here :

Why did my waterfall effect and fragrance fade away?

You might be placing the burner in an airy place or the direction of air. To get the best results, place it in a closed room with less or no air. 


To conclude, aromatherapy is an evolving therapy to help you get through various issues like mental health, insomnia, lack of focus, and others. However, the incense burners make the process easy as you just have to place your cone or stick it in the burner, and you’re good to go. 

Various types of incense burners might confuse users to get them through. Yet, this guide is specifically designed for a waterfall backflow burner. You can use these similar steps according to your type of burner, as they all work on identical parameters. 

We hope that now you know how to use waterfall incense burner correctly to get that breathtaking waterfall view. Do let us know what you think about aromatherapy. 

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