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What Does Incense Smoke Meaning

What Does Incense Smoke Meaning?

Have you ever wondered what the smoke from your incense means? If not, congratulations, you have landed on the right page. We all know incense has been used for divination and fortune telling for centuries. But we’ve never focused on its smoke, which has some spiritual significance that most of us don’t even know. 

Yes, the smoke informs you of what is happening in the spiritual realm around you and without the incense smoke, you cannot truly understand the overall impact of your incense. So if you think that understanding the meaning of incense smoke usually requires a high level of spiritual insight. Then you might be wrong because we have made this task easy for you. 

To gain insight into your future, you must first learn the shapes and patterns of smoke. So stay in touch with us to know about incense smoke meaning. Let’s go deep down into the spiritual world.

What Does Smoke From Incense Indicates?

Incense burning is a widespread practice that has existed for many years. However, many people are still unaware that incense smoke can reveal a lot and provide answers to your basic questions. To master this skill, you must first grasp the basics of smoke reading. So, in this section, we’ll go over some of the factors that will assist you in learning about incense smoke meaning.

1. Color of Smoke

Yes, you read that correctly. The color of the smoke can provide some hints. For example, White smoke represents purity, whereas black smoke represents negative energy. Moreover, Grey smoke indicates a lack of a straight path. 

So pay attention to color to determine whether your home has positive or negative energy. Or perhaps the incense you’ve been burning points you in the right direction.

2. Smoke Thickness

To understand the emotions, you should then pay attention to the thickness of the smoke. Thick smoke typically represents a strong feeling or emotion, whereas thin smoke may represent a subtle feeling or emotion.

3.Direction of Smoke

The direction of the smoke indicates good or bad news. So. If the smoke moves to the right, your wish will be granted. If the smoke moves to the left, your wish will not be granted. Moreover, If the smoke is blowing in your direction, it could signify that something good is coming.

4.Speed of Smoke

The speed of smoke can reveal information about your events. So If the smoke is rising quickly, it indicates that the event will take place soon. If the smoke rises slowly, it means that the event will take place in the future.

What are Some Incense Smoke Patterns, and What Do They Mean?

Smoke patterns can reveal a lot and have different meanings. If the smoke rises towards the sky, it means you will receive some good news. If the smoke goes downwards, something bad is about to happen. 

So for those who have never read smoke before, the first attempt may be challenging because the symbols and signs formed by the smoke can be difficult to see. However, the more you practice incense smoke readings, the clearer you will see all of the symbols revealed by the smoke. So let’s start.

· Circular Shaped Smoke

If the smoke forms a close, compact circle, it indicates that your aim is focused and will be achieved quickly. If the smoke is thin and rapidly disperses, it indicates that your intention is weak and easily wasted.

· Ladder Shaped Smoke 

The ladder’s strands represent the various levels of energy released as the incense burns. The top strand of the ladder is said to have the most energy, while the bottom has the least. So observe which way the smoke moves and interpret it accordingly.

·  Spiral Shaped Smoke

If the smoke spirals, this could indicate new beginnings or positive thoughts. If the smoke starts to bend or swirl in a particular direction, it could mean someone is close. Alternatively, if the smoke suddenly changes direction or stops moving entirely, it may indicate something significant is about to happen. 

· If Smoke Split into Two

If the smoke splits in two, it indicates that you are at a point of turning in your life. You might make a decision that will affect your future soon. So pay attention to your intuition; it will lead you in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why is your backflow incense not working?

Don’t worry; just look into this if your incense stops working. So, if you don’t see any glow or smoke, you may have unintentionally blown out the cone and need to relight it. Once you have lit the backflow cone, place it in the incense holder. Then ensure the bottom hole is aligned correctly with the incense holder’s seat hole. And you are done. Read more detail here :How To Proper Use of Backflow Incense Cones

What does it mean when backflow incense smoke goes upward?

When backflow incense smoke goes upward instead of down, you should consider the following reasons. 

· The most common reason is that the air in your home is denser than the air outside, causing the air to circulate less, resulting in upward smoke.

· Another possibility is that a draft in your home is causing the smoke to rise.

· Lastly, it is possible that the incense cone was not correctly placed on the burner or that you are using the incorrect incense cone, so it goes upward.

Can you use regular incense cones in backflow incense?

Yes, you can use regular incense cones for backflow burners, but they will not yield the same effect as backflow-specific incense cones. Because smoke from traditional incense cones does not move down as it does from backflow cones, so you will not get the full impact of the burner. 

Well, now it’s entirely up to you whether to use regular incense cones or stick with your current backflow incense cones.


To summarise, the smoke is a symbolic communication with the spiritual world and the language of the spiritual world is not so simple. To comprehend it, we must first learn how to decode its mysterious messages. And we hope that after reading our article, you will have the confidence to do so. As we have provided you every bit about incense smoke meaning. Good luck ahead.




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