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Is Incense Bad For Dogs

Is Incense Bad For Dogs?Here’s What We Found

Do you want to use incense sticks at your home but don’t know if it’s safe for your dog or not? If yes, you’re at the perfect place to find it. From temples to homes, incense is burned almost everywhere for the pleasant scent. It’s not only harmful to you, but your dog might have trouble with the smell too.

Let me tell you how actually incense is bad for your dog. People like you (who have dogs as a pet) always try finding ways to make their home smell nice and good there are a lot of preferences in the market. Still, popularity chooses incense sticks because they are inexpensive, reasonable, and easy to find. You can get these easily anywhere online or in any store.

But did you ever wonder if burning incense harms your dog’s health? Do you ever wonder if it’s safe for their health? Ever wonder how they might suffer after inhaling that strong scent? Because most of the scents are good for humans, not for our dogs and other pets.

If you want to know more about why is incense bad for dogs, continue reading this.

Why Is Incense Bad For Your Dog?

Burning incense is considered bad for your dog’s health. Not only smell of incense is bad, but if they inhale the smoke, it can cause respiratory symptoms and affect their sensitive lungs.

In simple words, this dangerous smoke can inflame air passages which might be hard to get enough oxygen into their system, and this can cause a serious problem to your dog’s health because dogs have a very sensitive pair of lungs than we humans do; incense fume damages dogs lungs and effects their respiratory system so if you’re burning incense sticks take precautions before burning an incense.

Is Incense Bad For Dogs With Asthma?

As you know, our dogs have a very powerful sense of smell. Also, dogs’ noses are way too sharp as compared to us humans. So if humans find one smell pleasant, that does not mean they will too. The EPA (Environmental protection agency) made everyone know in 2001 that incense fume could be a huge source of particulate emissions in indoor air. These particulates are made when you burn incense. Like our dogs have chances of asthma. Unfortunately, asthma is a disease that affects your pup’s lungs; it’s one of the long-term diseases and can cause wheezing.

Some brachycephalic breeds (dogs with broad and short skulls) are at higher risk of smoke inhalation from incense. Backflow incense is one specional incense, if you want to know how to use it, pls check here : How To Proper Use of Backflow Incense Cones

Symptoms Of Incense Irritation In The Dog

As you know, the smell of smoke is not friendly to your pup. It might occur difficulty in inhaling oxygen into their system. Incense smell can be dangerous to your dog’s lungs as they are sensitive.

While signs of smoke inhalation depend on the amount of smoke inhaled, minor inhalation can cause ocular and respiratory discomfort that can be very irritating and uncomfortable for your dog. It might be hard for your dog to perform daily activities, including playing, eating, and breathing. Let me tell you more symptoms caused by incense stick that causes these symptoms down below:

  • Runny Eyes
  • Pawning In eyes and nose
  • Eyes redness
  • Cough
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Weightless
  • Laziness
  • Breathlessness

If you see any of these symptoms mentioned above or signs in your dog, but if they are happening just because you burned an incense stick, it might not be good for your dog’s health; it can cause many health issues in your dog due to this. See a veterinarian if these symptoms and signs get worse.

Also, you can take your dog outside to get some natural air. It’s also helpful in some cases because the incense fumes smell is dangerous to their health.

How To Use Incense When Your Dog Is Around?

When you have dogs as a pet, you should be very careful when burning an incense stick around them. There are a lot of risks. It would help if you were very careful when you light incense stick around your dog, or it might become a serious problem.

Keep this in mind burning incense is a fire hazard. It may start a fire if your dog’s fur touches the incense stick, and it can burn your dog too. To use incense carefully, you might want to take a look down there to burn incense carefully without getting your dog into trouble.

  • Never leave your dog alone in a locked room if your incense is burning.
  • Be careful of your dog’s tail when burning incense. Your pup might get its tail burned with incense-burning sticks.
  • The room must be ventilated so that the incense smell does not affect your dog’s lungs or does not make your dog uncomfortable
  • Use high-quality incense; high-quality incense is mostly handmade. The smell of smoke might not be as strong as ordinary incense sticks. Also, this may not irritate your dog or make them uncomfortable.
  • Always use an incense burner or holder to hold the incense stick in a place to stop the chances of falling the incense downwards.
  • Put your incense holder high so your dog cannot reach it. Most dogs are very playful. They move here and there and might get themselves in trouble, and you too.
  • Do not hesitate to buy an incense holder to hold your incense in place to stop it from falling around the floor. Please put it on height so that your dog cannot reach it.

Wrap Up

The article answers to the question “is incense bad for dogs?” I think you should not use incense when your dog is around. As you read above, it is very dangerous for you and your dog to use incense sticks. Incense is bad for your dog as they have a very keen sense of nose and lungs. They get to smell every little thing.

If the smoke somehow gets into their lungs, it is not considered good; if you want to use incense, be careful never to leave your dog alone also, make sure incense is burning high above that your dog cannot touch or get close to it. Use traditional and high-quality incense. They are a little harmful and ensure there are enough open ventilation fans, or if you have windows available in your home for ventilation, open windows too for air to pass easily.




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