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Is Incense Bad For Your Health

Is Incense Bad For Your Health?Here’s Why!

Have you heard of getting relaxed through burning incense? Are you not sure about if they are safe for you and your family or not? If you are searching in this regard, we have got your back. This article would be a great source of help for you as it contains all the basic knowledge about incense, its history, forms, benefits and side effects. Read it till the end to know more. 

What Is Incense?-History / Background: 

Incense can be defined with various meanings, but why make it complicated? To understand what incense is, you just need to know, “incense is a plant matter which is burnt for aromatic and spiritual properties.” It can also have benefits and side effects, depending on how you use it. If you know the concept of agarbatti, then yes, that is also incense. 

This concept of burning incense is not new but has existed centuries ago. It is said to have originated in the old kingdom of Egypt. It has a close connection with spiritual properties because, from the beginning, priests and other religious leaders have used incense for the fumigation of tombs. Not only is this but incense also burnt in ceremonies and rituals.  

If we go back in history, we would see incense and spices playing a prominent role in trade between the east and west. Back in those days, through the Middle Eastern incense route, tons and tons of incense were traded to the Mediterranean region, and there it gained fame in the name of the Roman Empire. To give a rough estimate, about 3000 tons of incense are used to travel through this route. So the history of incense is really old. If we ever try to have a look into history, we would be shocked. 

Most Common Forms Of Incense: 

Honestly, you can get incensed in many forms, but there are some considerably common forms of incense that almost all people know. You can get incensed in some of these common forms;

· Sticks.

· Coils 

· Spirals.

· Cones.

· Loose powder.

· Raw plant matter. 

Benefits Of Burning Incense: 

People do exaggerate matters. We know that burning incense has some side effects, but we cannot neglect its benefits. We have mentioned some benefits of burning incense in your house or workplace to burst the myth that incense is only harmful and not good.

Increase focus, and reduce stress:

The experts have proved that burning incense greatly increases focus and keeps a person calm if you burn it with some essential oils like rosemary or peppermint. Some herbs found in Incense are best known for their power to reduce and relieve stress and anxiety. You can get it through an example of lavender oil, which eases stress and reduces anxiety.

Aids sleep: 

If you struggle with sleeping disorders or insomnia, it is high time you use incense with lavender oils. Lavender oil has the property of promoting sleep and fighting insomnia and has proven to show good results. If you are not getting proper sleep due to insomnia, try to use incense for better results. 

Compliments on yoga and meditation: 

Incense has always been closely connected to spirituality, meditation and the process of keeping oneself calm. It has a good reputation for being a complimentary item in yoga and meditation. Some essential oils with a good scent and incense are used to spread a positive odour during the yoga session for clearance of the mind and increasing and improving mental stress. 

Stimulates Creativity and purifies your space:

The soft, pleasant odour of the incense has shown tremendous results in boosting creativity as it grants a sort of peace to a person; with peace, he is more focused, and focus brings out the best in him. Not only this but incense is also used as a cleaner for your mind, soul and space. Long ago, monks used to burn incense to purify their atmosphere, and for thousands of years, they have practised this. And it is scientifically proven that burning incense for an hour kills about 94% of bacteria in the air. 

Is It Good For You? 

As discussed earlier, a thing’s good and bad aspects highly depend on how we use it. Using incense with beneficial, healthy, proven ingredients and essential oils would help you get a pure mind and space, focus, clarity, good sleep, and much more benefits. But if you go for low-quality incense, your mind will always be confused and have one question: Is it bad for you?If you want to gain the above benefits by incense, invest in good quality incense with some good essential oils and see the magic. Also you maybe care about if it good for your cats ( or dogs(

Side Effects Of Burning Incense: 

Does this question appear in your mind”is incense Bad for you?”.Well, nothing in this world is only beneficial and never harmful. There are some side effects of burning incense. These side effects are the result of burning incense more often. You must remember that the smoke from burning incense is as harmful as the smoke of cigarettes. It can cause diseases like cancer, asthma, respiratory issues and many others. If you burn incense occasionally, you have nothing to worry about, but you must think about it if you are an addict. 


How often should I use incense?

It is upto you and your choice, but we suggest you burn incense twice or thrice a week and not more than that. 

What does incense do spiritually?

The spiritual links of incense come from deepening your focus and purifying your mind and space. In this way, you are spiritually clean and purified. 

Is incense healthy to inhale?

Incense is not so healthy to breathe because of the pollutants it emits. 


To answer the question,is incense Bad for you?We have come up with a comprehensive and justified answer: if you get your hands on good quality and traditional incense and don’t get addicted to it, you’ll not be harmed. The problem occurs from overusing it and not using good quality material. So yes, this was our take on incense; what do you think of it? 

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