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What Is Feng Shui Incense Meaning and Used For?

What Is Feng Shui Incense Meaning and Used For?

Watching the rising smoke slowly fall into the fantasy stream, this is an elegant embodiment of enjoying life. The illusory smoke emanating from the backflow incense burner, like a dream, makes people feel like they are in a fairyland. So that people can not look away from this beauty. It makes your living space a symbol of nature, heaven and earth. This incense waterfall has thus become a precious Feng Shui Incense meaning.


Waterfall Feng Shui Incense Principle

To understand the principle of backflow incense, you first need to know why the smoke rises. Smoke is the dust produced by the burning of matter, and dust should be heavier than air. But it keeps rising because of the entrapment of hot air during combustion, which is why the smoke we usually see is rising.

The smoke of the backflow incense is so unique because of the combination of the backflow furnace and the backflow incense. There is a small hole inside the special tower incense, which is conducive to the downward flow of smoke, and the backflow furnace also has a small hole aligned with the tower incense, which is also conducive to the downward flow of smoke.

Backflow incense burners use special incense towers, most of them are hollow cones. By isolating the hot air, the incense is locked in the pagoda-shaped hollow incense pillar for cooling. The smoke and dust sink to the ground because of heavier than air. The dust we often say settles down, and the sinking smoke flows out through the small holes at the bottom of the incense stick, forming the back-flowing incense we see.


Meaning of Waterfall Feng Shui Incense

In feng shui, the five elements (gold, wood, water, fire, and earth) that generate interaction and overcome interaction have been important factors for a long time. These elements have been carefully considered in family affairs, business affairs and other decisions. Among these elements, water or current is regarded as the ultimate good luck factor. Water is a symbol of blessing, especially flowing water. Constant circulation is the embodiment of blessing, money, material, and physical health will come to you.


Therefore, the waterfall backflow incense burner is usually placed in the living room, workplace or other location related to the owner’s Feng Shui. From then on, the smoke from the fountain will maximize its Feng Shui benefits.


Feng Shui Incense Meaning and Used For

1,Bring fortunes.

Steaming houses, offices, and new stores with agarwood cones will help eliminate evil spirits and negative energy and bring pure fresh air to the space. Bring wealth to homeowners and expand their business.

2,Relax physical and mental pressure.

People like to relax the body and mind by reading books, playing chess, drinking tea, practicing yoga or meditation. Burn agarwood cones on the waterfall reflux burner, the sweet and mellow smell will make your mind relaxed and soothing. The heart is more sober, fresh and peaceful. The homeowner can restore life balance from all troubles and make life happier and happier. Since then, mental and physical health will be strengthened.

According to oriental medicine, agarwood can be used as an herbal medicine, which brings many benefits to human health. Agarwood helps to improve the cardiovascular system, clear acupuncture points, refresh the brain, relax the body, and promote deep sleep. Agarwood also supports the activities of the heart, digestive system, and respiratory system. In addition, agarwood also has the effect of purifying the air, bringing positive energy into your living space.

3,Attract wealth


Anyone has a certain desire for family wealth, social status, and a successful career in their daily lives. Using the incense waterfall burner will help increase the chances of good luck and bring wealth to the owners.



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