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Dragon Blood Incense

What Does Dragon Blood Incense Mean?

Has anybody recommended dragon’s blood incense to cure your health issue? Are you curious about what it is? If you are suspicious about the benefits and uses, your search ends here, and this article will be an answer to many of your questions. Dragon’s blood incense has uses, benefits, and side effects. To know all about it, read it till the end and help yourself with the questions you have in your mind. 

What Is Dragon Blood Incense? 

We have heard this name many times before. The dragon blood incense, but not all of us are aware of what this is. The dragon blood incense is the raisin, a product of many different species obtained from the trees like genera, calamus spp, which includes croton dracaena, calamus rotating, and Pterocarpus. It also can be used to produce the backflow incense cones.

Dragon blood incense is bright red, so it is named blood. Many people might think of it as some modern thing. Still, dragon blood incense has been in continuous use for centuries in many countries for dyes, varnish, medicine, and spiritual purposes. The countries which make the most use of it can be India, China, counties in the middle east, the Romans, and Greeks. They have a strong, empowering smell. It’s sweet, not that like vanilla but still a sweet fragrance.

What Can Dragon Blood Incense Be Used For? 

Dragon’s blood incense has various uses, and these uses have been changing over time as everyone has their own beliefs and ideas for the usage of something. Dragon’s blood incense has been used from ancient times for many uses in medicine, dyes, and of course, magic.

If we talk about modern times, the most common use of dragon’s blood incense recorded is for digestive health. It is one of the best natural medicines. Not only can it be used for digestive health, but also, for decades, it has been called the best wound healer. People also used it for respiratory issues, and have healed in many ways.

Apart from the medical line, dragon’s blood can be seen in the spiritual practices, most commonly Wiccan, hoodoo, voodoo, shamanism, and many other known spiritual practices. Dragon’s blood incense has shown a good part in the dyes, paints, and varnishes. They are not the only uses of the dragon’s blood incense but probably the most common and frequently used ones.

Benefits Of Dragon Blood Incense: 

When we talk about anything, we know that it has certain benefits, and so is with the dragon’s blood. Dragon’s blood has a lot of benefits. People who know about herbs and nature might be aware of many of the benefits of the dragon’s blood incense. This article will give you a broad view of the benefits of the dragon’s blood incense. Research says that it is the most used health supplement in the world. Some research-based benefits of the dragon’s blood in the health field can be categorized in the following broad views.

Dragon’s blood has been found beneficial for curing ulcers. It has helped in the cure of tropical ulcers. Remember, we are talking about topical ulcers and not internal ulcers. Back in 2015, a case of pressure ulcers or bed sores was successfully helped by using dragon’s blood. Not only this but a 2011 case study 2011 also showed that diabetic ulcers have been cured by the dragon’s blood incense. This research is all about it “may” help with it and is not guaranteed. Before approaching the use of anything, correspond with your doctor as there is no replacement for the doctor’s recommendation.

Dragon’s blood has also been proven beneficial for killing pathogens like bacteria, fungi,  and different kinds of viruses. A 2013 study shows that the dragon’s blood obtained from dracaena cinnabari has the potential to be called a food preservative and can help you from the micro organisms. Another study showed its antimicrobial effects, but these researches are done in a test tube and not in the human body. Nothing can replace the authentic prescription for the desired results, and it can be used with the medicine but not as a permanent replacement to those medical approaches.

Dragon’s blood incense was most commonly used for digestive health and today also is a great source to cure diarrhea or dysentery. It has been proven beneficial for treating different digestive issues. It can be because of its antimicrobial effects that kill the pathogens causing issues. It has been working for many who opted for it as a cure for their digestive issues. Again and again, we insist do not go for anything without a doctor’s consultation because many effective things do not work well for many people. They can be allergic to some, or it might not work for them or might not be appropriate for them because not every body type accepts everything.

Dragon’s blood is also a beneficial source of healing wounds. The people in the past took use of it to heal their wounds and get back to a normal life. Wounds like blood clots, deep cuts, and some sort of pains can be helped with it. Its anti-inflammatory agents are good for the body. The properties found in the dragon’s blood are good for treating diabetics. It is just a study but can be proved in the future. The research is all about its may and not about its must. Be careful while being a doctor yourself, as incomplete knowledge equals poison.

Research says that the dragon’s blood can treat or prevent cancer in its early stages. The plant has some antioxidant properties, which can be a good preventative for cancer. Again, it is just research and not a complete yes to what it can do. A lot more study is needed before declaring it as a replacement for the medical approach.

Unknown Side Effects Of Dragon Blood Incense: 

Usage of dragon blood incense by adults through the mouth is not harmful at all, but there is no strong research or study on whether you can use it on your skin or not. You need to stay safe about it. You should stay safe about using it during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Be cautious about the doses and firstly consult a doctor about using it. Also, be cautious enough before giving it to toddlers. 


In the end, we would say dragon blood is powerful medicine and has been helpful through the centuries. Research and studies also narrate some medical advantages. We hope that much of your confusion has been cleared through this article. Lastly, do not be your doctor and consider visiting a doctor before experimenting with your health. 


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