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What Is Lavender Incense Good For?


Ever since the phrases “stay at home” and “social distancing” became a part of our lives, more and more people find themselves spending most of their day at home. During these difficult times, burning incense has become a popular home fragrance to support relaxation. Lavender incense is made of aromatic, plant-based materials such as oils, barks, flowers, resins, and seeds. It creates a light and fragrant plume when burnt.


Of all the different fragrances, lavender is one of people’s favourites. The soft and soothing scent of lavender incense will instantly transport you to the enchanting purple meadows in the countryside. There are many potential benefits of burning lavender incense. We will discuss a couple below:


1. Traditionally, lavender incense is burned during religious rituals or special ceremonies. The symbolism of burning incense can vary depending on the religion or culture. For example, in some religions, incense is seen as an offering to spirits and deities. Other religions burn incense to keep demons away. There are also people who simply use it as an aid during prayers to enhance spirituality. At home, you can choose to burn lavender incense during your daily prayers or informal religious gatherings.


2. In modern days, burning incense has become more of an everyday activity. Lavender incense is often used as a home fragrance. People burn it to enjoy its sweet and mild smell. It also offers practical value as the lavender scent counteracts unpleasant household odours. By burning lavender incense, you no longer need to worry about getting rid of disagreeable washroom odours. Instead, you can feel free to immerse yourself in your favourite aroma.


3. A tastefully designed incense holder in combination with a quality incense can become part of beautiful home décor. Many people appreciate the aesthetics of flowing incense plumes and sophisticated incense burners. They find it satisfying and relaxing to watch. Sometimes it is the small things that can brighten up your day!

Lavender Incense

4. The most important benefit associated with burning incense is related to mental health. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, it is estimated that one in five American adults experience a mental illness. Fortunately, various studies have shown how incense can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. For example, in a 2008 study led by Aerieh Moussaieff, scientists found that certain resins from incense smoke activate ion channels in mammal brains. These ion channels are located in brain areas that control emotions. When activated, they can reduce depression and anxiety. The nerve circuits affected by compounds derived from incense are also those affected by therapeutic antidepressants.

In addition, these compounds also activate a protein that is known to play a role in the perception of warmth. As you can see, there is solid biological evidence to support the fact that burning incense makes you feel warm and calm. Even if for those who do not struggle with mental health issues, this evidence suggests that burning incense can take away a lot of stress from a difficult workday or even loneliness from self-isolation at home.

5. The unique aroma of lavender incense can promote relaxation. As a result, people often burn incense to accompany activities such as meditation, practicing yoga, drinking tea, or reading books. Since practicing meditation and mindfulness is already an established non-pharmacological method of improving mental health, burning lavender incense can further support the management of depression and anxiety.


Although we have discussed many benefits of burning lavender incense, note that this list is not exhaustive. There are many more advantages of burning incense. However, before you decide to start burning lavender incense at home, you should keep in mind that it is a natural fire hazard. If not handled properly, incense ashes and incense holders can cause fires and burns. To minimize these risks, please take appropriate safety measures whenever you burn lavender incense to ensure the safety and wellness of you and your family.




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